Harp is often also illustrated as a musical instrument played by someone with wings like an angel, or a mermaid. The physicality of the harp is usually golden and has strings. How to play the harp is how to pick. This instrument is generally shaped like a triangle and played together with some symphonic orchestras or with vocal sounds, flutes can also be jazz or drums. If you plan to use a wedding harpist, you can visit our website.

How to play the harp can use your bare hands or with your hands assisted with feet (because there is a pedal). Harp can be played solo or as part of a musical ensemble. Apart from all that, the harp can create a very beautiful tone with or without other musical accompaniment. If we pay attention, this harp is indeed rarely shown or in regular and public shows such as village events or the like because it is not easy to learn how to play this harp. When viewed from the shape, weight or size, the harp has many variations. But still there are 3 main parts in the harp, namely:

1. Sound Board or Sound Board
2. Neck or Neck
3. String or String

As for modern harps, they usually have triangular shapes. Even from these variations can also reach a height of 60cm to 180cm with strings totaling 22 to 37 strings.

Harp is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. It was the earliest musical instrument developed from a crossbow for hunting. Many of the frescoes on ancient Egyptian tombs made in 3000 BC show images of instruments similar to hunter’s bows, without poles like those found in modern harps. Harp which is played in an oblique position and has elbows coming to Egypt from Asia around 1500 BC, this instrument is made from hollow boxes or boxes that are fitted with strings (strings) straight at the corners so that they can produce sound when picked.