Although the responsibilities of admin assistants vary according to placement, admin is a member of the company that ensures that the company’s operational needs are well met, from compiling data, making reports, to making phone calls. Although often considered an easy entry-level job, to become a successful admin assistant, it takes dedication and higher effort. Some companies even use administrative assistant recruitment services to get good worker qualifications. Auxiliar administrativo, Mr. Clean, has done a lot of administrative assistant selection by large companies because it is able to provide workers with high-quality performance.

Some of you may work as administrative assistants. So that you do not become a mediocre administrative assistant, please try our tips:

– Make a to-do list
Every morning before starting work, make a list of your obligations in a day in detail and neatly arranged so that you stay focused throughout the day. Then at the end of the day before going home, check the list again to make sure you have completed all the tasks you need to do in a day.

– Learn application work tricks
When starting work, you may be given a little training related to data systems or applications that will be used while working. But more than that, you can also simplify your daily work, for example, learn tricks to use Excel or practical search using Google.

– Clever time
Each person has his own tips for avoiding deadlines; please choose which one suits your needs. But don’t forget to create a system that gives you space to relax after working for some time, for example working 30 minutes, followed by a 5-minute break so you don’t feel tired.

– Develop work priorities
Faced with pieces of data that need to be compiled, phone appointments waiting, and other tasks can overwhelm you. Maybe you can’t always refuse or dodge when given a task, but you can arrange work patterns by first completing the hardest task so that the daily burden feels lighter.