We have never seen God. We also never talk to God. Therefore, it is not surprising that atheists assume that God does not exist. It’s a mere imagination. You need to visit our website to find out that god is real.

There is a story of an atheist who does not believe in God. He invites arguing a pious about the presence or absence of God. Among the questions is: “Is God really there” and “If there is, where is God?” When the atheist was waiting with the villagers, the pious man had not come. When the atheist and the people think that the pious will not come, then the pious person appears.

“Sorry if you wait a long time. Because the rain dropped heavily, the river became flooded, so the bridge was drifting and I could not cross it. Suddenly there was a fallen tree. Then, the tree is cut into twigs and branches when it falls, so it becomes a straight rod, and then becomes a boat. After that, I could just cross the river with the boat. “Once the pious man said. The Atheist and the villagers laughed. The Atheist said to the crowd, “This pious man is crazy about it. Cook the tree can be a boat by itself. Where can the boat be by itself without anyone making it! “The crowd laughed loudly.

After a little laugh, the pious man said, “If you believe that a boat can not exist without any creators, why do you believe that the earth, the sky, and the seas can exist without its creator? Which is more difficult, to build a boat, or create the earth, the sky, and its seas? “Hearing the words of the pious people, they finally realized that they had been trapped by their own statements.