For those of you who already have a good CCTV in the house, office or car. You might ask, is your camera functioning properly? Did my camera miss a lot of interesting events? Does my camera record everything? How do I know if my camera is working properly? Be calm and we will explain how you can find out whether your camera is active or not in the simplest way. First, the thing you have to do is buy the best CCTV camera from our official website Secondly, we inform you that the way CCTV works is no different from other video camera work such as recording activities that run automatically.

The obstacle that often happens is that the CCTV works automatically and continuously so many CCTV camera users are lazy to do regular checks on their CCTV cameras. Sometimes the owner does not want to know whether their CCTV camera is active or not so that they will simply abandon what is happening in their home. One way to ensure that your CCTV camera is active is through the red light that blinks on the camera and the movement of the camera itself. Usually, the red light will blink and this will indicate that the camera is actively recording all activities in your home, office, or car.

Interestingly, some CCTV cameras are designed to be connected to the internet using a modem or WiFi. This network can be connected to your laptop, computer, or even smartphone so you can more easily monitor movements wherever you are. For CCTV cameras that are connected to a smartphone, it is usually required some kind of application to find out which CCTV cameras are active or not. Through this application, CCTV camera owners can monitor more intensely home security without being at home, as well as office and business owners. Much more practical than paying someone to maintain security.