For AC users, actually, outdoor air conditioning is not a rare thing to be known because it has one package with the AC. Because in the process, AC and outdoor AC become inseparable. If one of the two problems, the AC performance will decrease. In principle, the outdoor AC performance is controlled from indoor AC with a PCB panel. The way it works is very unique according to the aircon service because the indoor PCB has the function of calculating the temperature of the room so that the temperature between the room and the pipe can be equal to the temperature desired by you who set the AC remote. In certain cases, there are problems that cause outdoor air conditioners not to live.

Among the problems is the relay on the PCB panel is damaged and this will cause the AC to not turn on. The relay on the PCB panel works like a switch with control using an electrical system at a low voltage so that in general this relay works on a 12 volt DC voltage generated from the calculation of sensor input for room temperature and pipe temperature. When you turn on the AC then the relay on the PCB panel will work immediately because the 12 volt DC voltage is supplied from the PCV panel to connect 220-volt high voltage indoor to outdoor AC. If the relay on the PCB panel is in trouble, even a good 12 volt DC voltage will not be connected so that the outdoor will not work properly.

The other problems that can be analyzed are the indoor and outdoor connection cables which are disconnected. This case is more often found by our team. When the relay on the PCB panel works normally which is routed through the conductive wire, there will be 220 volts of electricity on the delivery wire. If the conductive wire is not connected then the outdoor will not accept high voltage and electric current.