The violin belongs to a Violin group, which consists of: Small violin, medium violin, large violin and violin-bass, the difference lies in its size, but the way it sounds and the resonance is the same. The violin is played by a swipe, commonly called: stringed instrument / string-bow. The origin of stringed instruments includes a long time in the history of mankind, along with the spreading of culture and historical change, therefore in different areas there may be different titles for a single musical instrument, or it could be a similar designation but a tool different music, slowly along with the endemic situation then it has developed into a variety of musical instruments. If you are a violinist or are learning to play the violin, you can visit our youtube channel and watch you are the reason cover.

The Biola string instrument was first introduced in Italy, the city of Turkey in 1523. The shape of the violin was displayed in the form of a sculpture or sculpture of a “little angel playing the violin” in a church in Vercelli. The first violin consisted of 3 strings. Since the year 1540, the violin has 4 strings with a shape that is not too different from the violin now. This type of violin comes from the upper Italian region. Therefore the famous violinist is from Italy, such as Andrea Amati, Nicola Amati, Gasparo da Salò, Guarnerius del Gesu, Antonio Stradivari. The first violin that has been made, is now used as the Baroque Violin. And since 1950 has become more and more used to show “Baroque Music” (Alte Music), whose sound is adapted to the 17th and 18th centuries.

Walking with the time of the violin form undergoes several changes with the reason to develop the quality of his voice. The shape of the violin in the 19th century had a longer neck of violin and string, had a stronger bass balcony, making it stronger and more beautiful. In addition, Bow also changes shape becomes more straight, not too bent like a baroque bow. Its function is to heighten the volume so it can play hard in the big hall room. It’s the most famous violin maker and the other criterion for violin makers is Stradivarius. But he and other violinists also follow the violin shape change based on the reasons that greatly affect the development of violin sounds. The influence came from France, namely Jean Baptiste Vuillaume.