Many believe that the diet does reduce the various fats and calories that can make weight gain. So, to reduce that happens, all you have to do is balance the intake you give to your body with a variety of nutrients, proteins and minerals that are good for the body. However, you can also consume a good supplement to lose weight. You can read about Phen375 customer reviews to find out various reviews from customers who use these supplements to help their diet.

Then, how much protein should be consumed in order to lose weight? This should be adjusted to your daily calorie intolerance. Usually, if people are on a diet, then the calories should be met in a day is about 1,500-1,800 calories. However, please also note that the kebuuthan protein for adults is normally 10-15 percent of the daily caloric needs.

Or you can also consume protein as much as 0.81 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight in one day. So, for example your weight is 65 kg, then it means the required protein is about 52-65 kilograms of protein per day. Although animal protein is more effective in building muscle mass, you can combine these two proteins in your diet every day. The two types of proteins in question are animal and vegetable proteins. In this way, your diet is also more diverse and the nutrient content you get is also more.

Maybe you will ask how protein can help you lose weight. The most appropriate answer is to prevent stomach hunger, can increase the number of calories burned, help the work of hormones that affect body weight become more effective and membanhgun and build muscle mass in a person’s body. So much to rely on protein while on a diet is the right thing to help you in losing weight and make the body does not lack of energy for the activity.