Everyone certainly agrees that yoga has many benefits for health and healing from an illness. Yoga done correctly will have an impact on both your body and your health. One of the good effects of yoga is to relieve pain and pain in the shoulder bones or scapula. Scapula and yoga do have a bond because yoga is very influential in healing the injuries that occur in the scapula area.

Below are some yoga movements that are right for dealing with pain or pain in the shoulder or whatever you feel. some of the yoga movements referred to here are

1. thunderbolt Pose: Asymmetrical Variation
Begin the second movement by resting on both knees. Lift your left hand up with open fingers. Place your right arm behind your hip like a resting position. After that, take a breath and bend forward, followed by the left hand that joins the right hand and place the left side face on the floor. Position the buttocks higher than the hips with the weight resting on both legs. Relax and let the body be as comfortable as possible. After that, lift your face, lift your right arm as you would with your knees. Repeat moving as before until several times.

2. Shoulder opening
There is a yoga movement “shoulder opening” or opening of the shoulder where yoga movements and positions reverse the state of the shoulders and back, and relax the muscles around the neck so that the head feels light. In this yoga gymnastic pose, you have to maintain the curvature of the spine normally – by doing a little arching into the lower back (the upper back is done slightly out).

3. Cobra Pose: Variation
Lie down with your stomach touching the floor. Place both arms behind with the palm facing outward. Let the body relax. Inhale and place your left-hand palm on the side of your temple as if giving respect. Do the same movement on the right arm. Repeat for several times.