A Hook is shaped like a question mark because the question mark shape is perfect for the model of the hook itself which functions as a lifter or hook tool. But this does not mean that a suitable hook form as a hooking device is perfectly safe to use in any way. Although the hook form as a hook tool is perfect, you should still use the hook properly so as to reduce and even eliminate the risk of a work accident. In the meantime, you may want to check out cargo hooks from breeze eastern corporation.

Here I will explain a little danger of using the hook incorrectly:


Loads or items raised can be detached from the hook and fall.
Falling goods can cause injury or even death to those around them.
The lock or Latch kit will detach if the trigger hook is under pressure.
Lifting the load with a sloped hook position can cause a skid so that it will make the fall of the item or load removed.

Once you know the danger of using the wrong hook, of course, you have to be alert and evaluate yourself when you use the hook. Have you used the hook correctly or not? so you do not harm the people around you when you use it.

If you are wondering whether you are correct or still wrong in using the hook, for that I will explain to you the instructions on using and care of your hook:


Periodically check whether there is cracking, chipping, bending and other factors that can cause damage to the hook.
Conduct examination by an experienced person.
For the use of used hook should be inspected with magnetic particle and Dye Penetrant by experienced people in advance periodically.
Do not use a hook that has experienced maximum neck removal of 5% of the initial shape.
Do not use a crooked hook and do not attempt to straighten the hook that has been bent for use again.
Load weight should not exceed the working load hook.
Repairs, straightening, rework or re-forming of the hook by heating, burning, melting or pressing.
Do not use a hook with the blocked position of object or beam.
Do not use the hook with a tilt position.