Now, many people choose to buy an apartment instead of choosing a home for their living. This is because in the apartment there are many facilities and benefits that can be felt. One of the apartments you can choose is a marina one condo. with various facilities provided can facilitate you in undergoing activities there.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not know how to arrange a small apartment to look larger. In fact, there are several ways that can be done, such as

– A more decorative glue
If you need a room but do not want to make the room back, you just need to use a simple divider, this divider will separate the bedroom with another space so that the apartment can look spacious. Using too many constraints actually creates a narrow impression on the room.

– Neutral colored furniture
Neutral colors in addition to giving the impression of a quiet and clean can also make small rooms become more spacious or large. The neutral color is not only used on the wall but mix for your furniture. The neutral color of furniture that you can choose a white color.

– Set lighting
In order to reinforce the small room becomes more spacious, use good lighting. No need to use lights with great power, the use of large lights can cause your electricity bill to swell. Instead, use adequate ventilation, or use a moveable lamp so that you are free to move it in various positions.

– Curtains as separators
Does your apartment only have 1 bedroom while you need 2 bedrooms? If so, create 1 bedroom by yourself, by giving the partition like a big curtain there. For the separator use the corner of the room behind the couch.

By using some tips above, then you will be able to show an apartment larger than the actual size. This will facilitate you in arranging another room that is there.