How to arrange a small bedroom has its own challenges. Starting from a very limited store of goods to the claustrophobic feeling that may arise is a problem that is usually faced. If you have a small bedroom, do not worry. There are some ways to organize the bedroom that can help you overcome these problems. Meanwhile, you can try to buy murphy beds as well to improve the space in your room.

1. Choose furniture that sparingly places

Make sure the furniture you choose for the tiny bedroom does not take up much space. With furniture that is not too big, this makes the way to organize the bedroom will become easier. In addition to more space to move, you can also be creative with the bedroom layout to make it more interesting. Keeping the balance of furniture proportions is a way of arranging a small bedroom that can not be ignored.

Did you know that the right furniture can be handled to accommodate all your belongings in the room? Yes, how to organize the right bedroom can make all your stuff is kept safe and neat. One of them is by utilizing the bottom of the furniture and using a wall rack. So, do not be confused with how to arrange the bedroom with small furniture.

2. Limit the color palette

How to arrange a small bedroom can be started from the selection of paint room. Bright colors are known to make a room look more spacious, especially if there is incoming sunlight. Therefore, choosing neutral or pastel colors is one way to arrange an ideal small bedroom.

Not only choose bright colors, you also need to limit the number of color palettes. Use similar patterns for walls, furniture, and beds. How to organize a bedroom like this is intended to create the impression of airy because your eyes will not be fixated on the corners of a narrow room.

3. Make the impression of a wider room with a mirror

Using a mirror to make the room appear twice as big is a trick that has been used for centuries. Basically, the mirror reflects light and creates an optical illusion in the room. Even up to now, this is one way to arrange the smallest bedroom that is most often used.