Language is an introduction to communication between individuals and other individuals. Types of communication tools and their benefits, one of which is language. The language is very important. Now learning foreign languages ?is very easy. The era of globalization with advanced technology makes it easy for both, self-taught and assisted by others. This system is better known as e-learning. One only needs to visit website, then learn according to the instructions.

Why does one have to master more than one language?

The era of globalization demands to adapt anywhere, events in different countries. If we master the language in that country, we will adapt easily. Addition to the new environment, this is the benefit of learning a foreign language:

– Making rational decisions
With your ability to communicate with two languages ??you have become more rational in making decisions. This is because people who can speak two languages ??of the brain will process a problem and then make a decision not to use emotions alone. But also logically so that the results of the decision don’t have a negative impact going forward.

– Increase self-confidence
Being able to speak foreign languages ??makes you more confident in your surroundings. In the work environment, you will be an employee who is confident in solving problems and jobs that exist in the company.

– You become smarter
When you use one language, you can have several languages ??and all of you communicate smoothly. Then you will look more special and smart. Smart words will be directly addressed to you because of your abilities. so there’s no harm in starting now you’re trying to learn a foreign language.

– For entrepreneurship
You are an entrepreneur so it is very profitable if you are not the only an entrepreneur, but your product is also promoted overseas. To penetrate the outside market as an entrepreneur you are required to speak a foreign language. Your ability to speak foreign languages ??will launch your entrepreneurial business.