The calculator is an electronic counting tool that is widely used by everyone. Even on your smartphone will also meet the application of the calculator, is not it? Calculator functions are very useful for some people who are engaged in the world economy, business, banking, and everything related to money. To get the best calculator, you can visit right now.

Behind all those needs, do you know that all the functions and buttons are in the calculator? Perhaps for calculation buttons such as addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (x), division (:), and other simple operations may have much you know and can operate. What about other buttons like M +, M-, MC, MR and other foreign keys?

Here I will share a little information about buttons and symbol meaning on simple calculators from various sources. Actually, this is very simple, but I’m sure not everyone knows the key functions of MC, MR, MS in the calculator. Especially if your work is not related to the numbers or jobs that do not do a lot of money calculations. But one day I’m sure you’ll all be faced with this. This is actually the role of the MC button on the calculator.

MC, which stands for Memory Clean, which works to clean up the memory to be replaced again with new numbers, which has nothing to do with the numbers stored previously. These buttons can be used to calculate statistical formulas or perfect value-future value. Or to calculate your office’s financial administration or personal finances. The things that I mentioned earlier are not taught in college, especially if you are not in college Economics or Accounting.

There is also an MR or MRC = Memory Recall button

The function of MR and MC on the calculator is to use/ retrieve/recall numbers that have been stored in memory calculator. For example, the calculation result that was saved with the number 25, to display back to the screen then you must press the MR or MRC.