Having memory or memory is one of the essential survival abilities that humans have. However, some things about memory are still mysterious. Memory is also not just remembering and forgetting it again. To more interestingly, let’s look at 3 facts of human memory that you should know as below. In the meantime, perhaps you must try the nitric oxide supplements for enhancing your memory too website!

The fact of human memory that might surprise you

1. Memory forms personality

This first fact of human memory will be related to your character and attitude. Yes, the memories you have will determine how you behave and respond to something.

For example, when you are faced with several choices, most of the decisions you choose will be influenced by past memories. So indeed, memory is one of the determining factors in the decision-making process.

Memories that are filled with childhood memories will form your identity slowly.

2. Hippocampus, a storehouse of all memories

The hippocampus is an important part of the facts of human memory in the brain. Like, the hippocampus is a storehouse of all the memories that you have lived in life. It is this part of the brain that regulates, stores neatly, and “ejects” memories again if needed.

Because both sides of the brain are exactly the same shape, the hippocampus can be found in both hemispheres of the brain. Damage on this area may block the capability to form the latest memories, and it’s called anterograde amnesia.

As you get older, the hippocampus will lose its ability, so that when someone reaches his 80s, his memory may disappear as much as 20 percent of the brain.

3. Short-term memory cannot be remembered for too long

Not everything that you have passed can be remembered and stored in the brain as a whole. Experts reveal that the brain can store about 7 short-term memories at once in 20 to 30 seconds. So, it’s only natural that you like forgetting to say what you want to say or forget the name of someone you just met.

Of course, not all memories will be short-term memory, your brain will choose which ones must be remembered for a long time and which information can be ‘discarded’ again.