The world of lectures is a transitional period that requires someone to start living independently and be able to manage everything themselves, especially if you have to stay away from parents. Heavy stress received during this period, both in terms of academic and social demands, can affect the mental well-being of a student. If you want to get health and wellness tips, you can visit our website.

What are the most common children’s mental problems?

1. Depression

According to the American Psychological Association, cases of depression in college children have increased by 10 percent over the past 10 years. Left and untreated depression can lead to the risk of suicide. In America, even suicide is the second cause of death for students. There are more than a thousand suicides committed by students each year. Therefore, a way to prevent depression that can be done is to always talk about personal and college problems with friends you trust. This is done so that you do not feel alone and can exchange ideas when problems come.

2. Anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders are excessive anxiety experienced by a person with a fairly frequent intensity so that it often interferes with daily activities. Anxiety disorders consist of several types such as social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobia of certain things, and general anxiety disorders. One symptom of an anxiety disorder that is quite serious is extreme stress and excessive worry that disturbs your ability to function normally.

3. Eating disorders

Various eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating (uncontrolled eating) are mental illnesses common in college children. Generally, stress due to being in a series of tasks that accumulate and stay away from parents can trigger symptoms of eating disorders. For that, if you feel you have an abnormal eating pattern like eating a lot but being spewed back or don’t want to eat because you feel guilty if you eat a lot or even eat a lot and are uncontrolled, ask for help from those closest to being able to monitor and control you.