Buying a house during an exhibition is still needed by the principle of caution in order to avoid regret later on. Therefore, there are several things that need to be observed by consumers well. Aside from that, perhaps you also need to take a look at the recommended

House Order Letter

If you have found your dream home, do not rush to pay a down payment. Preferably, ask the developer to include in writing promises and attractive offers about the house being marketed.

The developer will usually ask for your signature in the order letter.

The contents of the order letter have a clause that stipulates that if the consumer does not sign the Sale and Purchase Agreement on schedule, the order will be deemed forfeited. Ironically, often the developer agent does not show the draft Buy and Sell Agreement at the exhibition.

Pay attention to the contents of the Agreement on the Sale and Purchase Agreement

The contents of the Buy and Sell Agreement include:

selling prices and other costs that must be borne by consumers.
Handover date that cannot be more than one year after payment.
building specifications and location.
late fee if the developer is late to hand over.
the consumer’s right to cancel the agreement when the developer is negligent.
the certainty of signing the sale and purchase deed and penalty
maintenance period of 100 days from handover.

It is better if you first look at each of the points stated in the Agreement to Bind the Sale and Purchase so that you do not regret it after the signature.

Knowing House Specifications

Usually, prospective customers just want to look at residential products first at the exhibition. However, when there are houses that are suitable for affordable prices, especially with the lure of ease of payment, surely this will be tempting.