The most common thing when buying จิวเวลรี่แฟชั่น is that you buy accessories before buying a dress that you will use to attend a special or important event. This can be something wrong if you buy accessories and it doesn’t match the dress you buy. So, don’t buy any accessories such as jewelry, shoes or hair makeup before you determine what clothes to use.

Avoid Color Accessories

It’s hard indeed to refuse to use classic jewelry or jewelry with beautiful color gemstones. However, it is recommended not to use color accessories or use matching accessories / have the same color as your dress.

Forget skin color

Everyone has different skin tones when using gold or silver jewelry, and if you want to use jewelry but are not confident it’s good to consult before choosing. However, if you are confident you can use jewelry with color gemstones.

Don’t Mix Metal

Choose gold jewelry or metal, do not use both together. If you use or combine several metal colors this will actually make your appearance messy. Some women generally choose to use gold or silver jewelry on this special day.

Buy Accessories that are Trending

You cannot ignore accessories that are currently in trend. So, it’s good to buy accessories that are trending, because the accessories you wear will certainly affect the photos later. In addition, choose timeless accessories so that in the next few years the photos you take will still look fasionable and glamorous.

Don’t Ignore Prices

It is also important to consider the price of a piece of jewelry that you will buy. In other words, you must know how much money must be prepared before you go to the jewelry store. You also have to consider the price of accessories and jewelry that you buy with the budget you have. Well, it’s good to buy jewelry in packages. Generally, the price of jewelry packages is affordable.