Many career women who think that outfit should a\lways have a matching color with a woman’s briefcase are used. Whereas in fact not so combining the bag palomino bag with the right shoes can be an outfit is quite interesting to look at. If you are still confused with the look and manner of mixing and matching a woman’s briefcase with matching shoes, then you can pay attention to the following useful information!

Backpack & shoe Boots
Generally, this woman’s work tasks are used for outdoor work. You can use this combination by using a trendy backpack with leather with trendy boots. This combination will give the impression of bold and strong. Therefore, this outfit is suitable for outdoor activities and work. Giving a strong impression and a hard worker can make you more respected and discreet while working.

Pouch Bag & Flat Shoes Or Flat form Heels
Pouch bag or better known as a bucket bag is a type of woman bag that has a model with wrinkles on the neck of his bag. You can combine with flat shoes or flat form heels that look contemporary and fresher. Use this mix and match when the workday is not as solid as Thursday or Friday which tends to have an early return time. That way you can just hang out after work home.

Hobo Bag & Pantophel
Hobo bags generally have a box shape or half-length with a longer handle strap but not as long as a sling bag or sling bag. If combined with formal-looking pentofel shoes, your look at work will seem more authoritative and charismatic. You can use this view on Monday when the activity is working solid – dense. You can also carry enough items by using this hobo bag. Use pantifel boots with the right not too tall to make you comfortable while working.

Kelly Bag & Heels
This combination will give a more feminine and elegant impression. Generally, career women who use this performance will always be dealing with clients because it takes a pretty interesting appearance to attract clients to work together.