Determine the quality of the mattress that suits the needs of you and your partner. Don’t be persuaded by the frills or the term “best-selling quality mattress” or “quality mattress that most people are looking for.” The best quality mattress is a king size mattress that meets the needs of you and your partner, including prices that fit your budget.

The most important thing in measuring the quality of a mattress for a partner is that the design must be massive and when used feels stable. If it’s not like that, the movements of your partner can disturb you while you sleep.

In addition, choose a mattress brand that has a warranty. Paying attention to the mattress brand does not mean you have to be ‘crazy brand’. Because after all the mattress brands that have been tested provide quality guarantees for every mattress product that they make.

This guarantee anticipates damage to the mattress due to manufacturing errors from the factory. Each brand has a different time period, but the average warranty is 5-10 years.

Lallu, try it out before you buy it. You and your partner should try the mattress before buying. Try lying for 10-15 minutes on a mattress that is your choice in various sleeping positions, feel whether you feel comfortable. Don’t be embarrassed to be seen by many people or worry that the seller will be annoyed. Mattresses are an important investment, so don’t buy them wrong. But don’t fall asleep too, yeah.

How about buying a mattress online?

The disadvantage of buying a mattress online is that you can’t immediately see the original physical mattress and can’t try it right away. However, you can anticipate this by doing research beforehand, such as reading reviews from people who have already bought the mattress. Make sure the site where you purchased the mattress has a clear return and exchange procedure.