To decorate the house, you can use various items to decorate the house can look perfect and beautiful. One of the items you can use is image candles. The candle can have a good effect and is different from the use of candles in general. There are many people who realize that candles can indeed be good and beautiful items when installing at home.

However, when decorating the house with candles, you also need to pay attention to some of these things so that the candle can look beautiful and elegant. Some things you should look at are

1. Selection of container
Candles that have been placed in the glass can still be given another container so that when placed in space look more interesting. There are various places that can be used, such as large vases. Inside the vase do not forget to add accessories or other decoration, eg sand, water, foliage, or dried flowers. More beautiful when the candle container has carvings or carvings. That way, when it lights up, candles can produce beautiful shadows. Can also place candles in candleholder shaped unique.

2. Placement of candles
Candles can be placed in any corner of the room, generally, people put candles on the dining table, bedroom, or coffee table. Wherever it is, keep the candle away from the air vents or air conditioner (AC). Try also to wax is not exposed to direct sunlight because it will fade the color and remove the shape when melted. In addition, if the size of a small candle, to highlight it, choose an attractive or brightly colored container. Use some candles, can also with different sizes, then arrange adjacent.

3. Decorate candles
If you do not place a candle in an attractive place, candles can be your own decorative. For example, the candle is drawn using acrylic paint. If the candle has been placed in a glass container, the glass can be decorated. Be creative and create a beautiful look to beautify the interior space. Glass can be attached stickers, decorated with rope, sprinkled with beads, or ribbon fitted.