Besides being not good for appearance, a body that is too fat also risks inviting various dangerous diseases to come. Don’t underestimate the weight problem. In addition to supporting appearance, ideal body weight is also good for health. Therefore we need to maintain weight so that it is not too fat. Obesity or being overweight is a condition that is usually caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. This condition is dangerous and harms health because obesity can trigger the arrival of serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes or even a stroke. That is the reason why you could use lean optimizer or a fat-burning hormone to reduce the negative effects of obesity such as

1. Difficulty breathing. The thing experienced by overweight people is difficulty breathing and breathing tends to be short. Caused by the accumulation of fat in the chest and neck area so that it has difficulty breathing both to inhale or exhale air.

2. Emerging skin problems. One of the negative effects of obesity is the emergence of skin problems caused by hormonal changes. Excessive fat deposits will make the skin wider which eventually creates fine lines. Fat folds also make fungi and bacteria grow and develop which triggers an infection in the skin.

3. Joint pain and leg muscles. People who experience excessive body weight often experience pain in the joints and leg muscles. Continuous knee pain can damage body posture. All of these things happen because of excess weight which adds to the burden or pressure on the knee and ankle.

4. Stomach acid rises. Being overweight can trigger stomach acid to rise to esophagus. If this happens, the person will feel a burning sensation, pain, and pressure around the chest and neck. The reason is fat that compresses the stomach area which is acidic up.