Every day you wonder when you are going to eventually get yourself brave to take English test such as b1 English test. You feel that it is such useless as you have not already made any preparation yet. The problem is that you to take the test is not free of charge so that you probably think twice when you are about to take the test. In other words, if you are quite serious in this stuff, actually you can just take your time to get ready for it. Here every person has different superiority in English skills off course.

In an example, after some consideration, you think that you are a very lack of speaking skill. By this way, you feel somehow less confident when it comes your way to speak English skill. You should try harder to master a speaking skill than the other skills. In fact, English speaking skills feel quite difficult for some reasons. Here speaking is your way to communicate in one shot. Your speaking skill does not sound good at the time you are not effective to arrange sentence or get your sentences wrong in grammar. Some English tests require you to speak English in a grammatically correct way.

Thus, when you are about to take the test, it is much better for you to take spare your time on a daily basis to train your English speaking skill. With consistent practices, it is just a matter of time for you to be eventually confident with your English speaking skill.

You must feel quite excited to get the schedule of the test as you think that you are ready for the test. You are going to feel calm to deal with the test as you have already practiced a lot. Importantly, you have already filled a gap in the skills that you are previously less confident in them.