As Christians, we are called to be Prayer for healing because we have been healed of all diseases by God.
Miracles that he did to lepers prayer to jesus for help, people with disabilities, and those possessed by demons can also be done to people who have similar diseases.

Healing prayer is one of the gifts given by the Holy Spirit to believers to express God’s power in the world. In the Bible, we can read how Jesus did the healing.

Sometimes he did it just by using his saliva and covering it with soil, then rubbing it into the eyes of the blind. He was also able to cure fever, ordered evil spirits out of someone’s body.

In essence, we can see that Jesus always did different ways when healing someone. He rarely did the same way throughout his healing miracles.

Some people might think if the prayer that God hears is clear and detailed prayer, but know that words are not the most important thing in communicating with the Creator.
If we are aware that we cannot say beautiful words in prayer, what we need to do is pray in simple words that we can say ourselves comfortably.

Praying is an expression of our personal heart to God. If your heart doesn’t feel comfortable, then stop and start over.
For people who are good at stringing words, you can pray to God in detail.

This does not mean that God does not know what you want but to build comfortable communication between you and God.

Basically, God always knows the contents of the hearts of all humans.
Building a good relationship with God is very easy. We only need to think positively to

God and believe if our prayers are heard and answered by Him.
Believe that God wants us to be useful for His work. Even if we feel like Moses, who is incapable of speaking, believe God will lead through His Holy Spirit.