If you are someone who lives in an apartment with a size that is not so big, then you definitely feel that storing things that you have is a difficult and troublesome thing for you. So, all you have to do is choose the right more help so you can store all the items in your apartment.

Usually, goods owned by someone are indeed more than the space in the apartment itself. So, the existence of a mini-warehouse is something you must choose. However, there are several other tips for storing various items that you have in the apartment.

1. Prepare a Multipurpose Box
Staying in a narrow room makes you have to be more creative looking for a storage area. One of them can be with a versatile box that is available in a variety of shapes and designs.
Storage boxes from sturdy materials such as wood or iron can also function as a seating or coffee table.

2. Take advantage of every remaining room available
Every inch of the room is a perfect area for storing things. Similarly, the bottom of the sofa. A sofa with legs about 3 to 5 cm in height can be a “secret passage” for storing unused objects.
Likewise for the back of the sofa. Rest assured, not many people will realize the insertion of objects behind it.

3. Have Many Drawers
For small apartments, just putting a light sleeper can be a difficult task. That way you have to have a lot of drawers in the corner of the house to become a “secret place” to keep small things.
In addition to making the house look cleaner, the place for small objects scattered also facilitates the task of cleaning you on the desk area.

4. Shelves that are easily moved
Now there are many types of hanging shelves and sender shelves that can be moved easily without having to nail the wall. The shelf at the top can also double as a table putting a picture frame or a light sleeper.
Thus you can be more flexible rearranging the room as you wish.