Reasons People Make Diet is to be the easiest part, one of them to get the ideal body weight. The ideal weight is a desire of every person, especially for women. They are competing to get the ideal weight in any way. They are willing to spend a high cost in order to look attractive. To do a diet actually does not have to spend a huge cost let alone to torture yourself. The thing you need to do on an effective diet is Intermittent fasting the 5 2 diet. Apart from that, here are some reasons why you should go on a diet!

1. Balancing the working principle of the Body
The human body can be labeled like a machine that is always working, because the components that exist in the body have a work function of each that every time continues to work without stopping, if one of the organs just stops working will cause problems for the body. Diet is a solution to balance the working principle of the body because with one’s diet set the diet and exercise routine so that the bodywork becomes stable

2. Nutrition Control in the Body
Each person needs nutritional needs and caloric needs are different in accordance with the needs of the body’s work processes. A good diet is to consume foods that fit the nutritional needs and calories of each individual, so the process of metabolism in the body in the fat burning will be better so it will facilitate us in undergoing the process of dieting.

3. Want Skinny
Problems that many found in Indonesia one of them is Obesity. People who have obesity problems are usually advised by doctors to diet to lose weight. Besides, it is in order to get a slim body and in accordance with the ideal weight.