As one of the must-have tools in the house, the knife must be kept so as not to be dull and can be used for long periods of time. In addition, you also have to use the right type of knife in order to get perfect pieces in your food. One that you can use is chef knives. With the knife, you will be able to cut the food very comfortably and perfectly.

 Unfortunately, behind the importance of the knife to use, there are still many people who do not realize that there are some causes of kitchen knives to be dull. Some of the causes are

1. Using It On Glass-Made Surfaces
you need to remember that never cut food on the glass surface. Although the surface of any kind can also knit blades, the glass surface will give a bad effect on the knife’s sharpness.

2. Store it In Closed Space
Storing a knife in an enclosed space such as a kitchen drawer should not be done because it has the risk of making it dull faster. When stored in a drawer, there is the possibility that the knife will jostle and collide with other equipment especially when you pick it up. This will cause friction and impact resulting in a negative effect on the blade material. Keep a special knife pad that is usually shaped with a wooden base material. Because the place usually there is a slot that is made specifically for storing the knife. Another way that you can use is to use a magnetic shaped magnetic knife that is very practical to avoid or store a knife.

3. Wash it off at Dishwasher
Using a dishwasher such as in a restaurant will usually make a knife to lose its sharpness. This is because it is possible that the blades will be crammed with other equipment, such as spoons, forks, and others. In addition, a dishwasher detergent may also affect the blade steel which results in corrosion and discoloration. So clean the blades separately manually to keep the knife blade and color of the blade steels.