One of the most comfortable floorings that many people use in their house is carpet. However, without proper maintenance, the carpet in your house could stink of mould, pet urine or any foul odour. Don’t worry because this is experienced by many people. Carpet in the house will not always be clean, so one day you should clean it with the help of first call restoration crew service. With this service, the carpet in your house will be clean and healthy without any hard effort because the professional will use the proper tools and effective cleaning products.

But if you want to try to clean the carpet without professional help, you can still do that only by using cheap household products. The most commonly used ingredient is baking soda. Baking soda is one of the kitchen ingredients that is often used to remove various stains and eliminate odours. Not only the smell of the carpet, but the content of sodium carbonate in baking soda is also able to eliminate the pungent odour of pets, the smell of mould, the smell of onions on the hands, the smell of shoes and much more. Well, if you want to lift the odour on your favourite carpet with baking soda, it’s also very easy. Just sprinkle baking soda directly on the smelly carpet fibre and let it absorb the carpet odour for several hours. Baking soda will work to neutralize the odour trapped in the carpet. Next, use a vacuum cleaner to lift the baking soda beads from your carpet. The result is your carpet can smell fresh again. If the carpet smells is too strong, you should leave the carpet for the whole night in this process before it’s ready to vacuum.

However, it could be a little hard to cover the whole carpeted area if you use this method. That is why it is better to call professional caret service so you do not have to do it alone that surely could take a lot of time.

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