Singapore is an interesting place to visit for all people. Unfortunately, the cost of living in this place is a little expensive. To compensate for this, you must find an affordable place to live. One option is a rental room in Singapore that is already widely available. However, you must choose the most secure in terms of safety and cleanliness. Here are room for rent in Singapore at low prices that you can make a reference for your stay.

1. Midtown Residences

This inn is located on Jalan 1189 Upper Serangon Road with zip code 534785. This rental place costs 700 Singapore Dollars. This lease period is 1 year and this place is also very clean and prioritizes comfort and cleanliness. This place has 1 bedroom and two bathrooms equipped with complete furniture. In addition, there is air conditioning in every room in this place. You can rent this place with your family.

2. 764 Pasir Ris Street 71

This rental place is located at 764 Pasir Ris Street 71 with a lease period of one year. This place is rented for both men and women. This rental place has complete furniture with common room types, equipped with AC. This place is quite beautiful, clean and comfortable making it suitable for tourists who are looking for a rental place in Singapore.

3. Room Rental in Ubi

This rental place is located in Ubi Avenue 1 with a rental price of 600 Singapore dollars for a one-year rental period. This place is reserved for women only, so men are not allowed to rent this place. This rental place has complete furniture, equipped with air conditioning in each room. This place is strategic, clean, and also comfortable with a beautiful room design.

Such is the reference about cheap rental rooms but still comfortable with classic room designs. You can make it an alternative place to rent a place in Singapore. With guaranteed cleanliness, the rooms above will make you comfortable while staying there. Hopefully this article is useful for you!