In job hunts, they rely on word-of-mouth networks in small and medium-sized companies such as restaurants (as kitchen hand), mini markets, cafes, fruits picking labor, cleaning services and other physical-dependent jobs. In the meantime, if you really want to avoid becoming an illegal immigrant in Australia, perhaps the recommended brisbane migration agent can help you.

To save on living expenses, they are willing to share a residence in a two-room apartment occupied by eight to ten people at a cost of around $ 90- $ 110 / week.

Some of them use pseudonyms in interactions on social media like Facebook. Introducing yourself to new people also uses guise as a preventive measure if anyone is intent on reporting them or at least making it difficult for immigration to track them by the name on the passport.

Because of their high labor-intensive fieldwork, their ages generally range from the early 20s to the 40s.

Who Benefits the Illegal Immigrant Presence?

Naughty business operators are happy with the presence of illegal immigrants. They see illegal immigrants as a source of cheap labor that is easily exploited. While the shady school operators reap the profit by positioning themselves as the entrance for those who want to earn dollars in guise as a student. For more details, read Revealing Salary Myths Dollar I’ve discussed here.

There are even brokers who arrange a ‘marriage contract’ with a Permanent Residency (PR) or Australian citizen visa holder by paying some money. This road is long and expensive because the transition from TR status (temporary resident) to PR can take up to 2 years. During that time they still have to look ‘married’ in the eyes of immigration law.

Looking for matchmaking for local people to stay permanent

I once heard the story of a woman who went to a grad school by continuing to take a different skinny while working odd jobs while looking for a loophole to live and work permanently in Australia. Long story short, he met an Australian citizen mate. From posting photos on the Facebook page, it seems that the decades-old age difference does not prevent them from happily ever after life.