From era to era, world filmmakers continue to raise the issue of slavery. Maybe you’ve watched 12 Years of Slave, the story of Solomon Northup, an educated figure from Africa who was tricked and sold into slavery to America. A similar story about the bitterness of a slave’s life came back on the screen through the Roots miniseries on the Asian History channel. The story centers on the life journey of African youth, Kunta Kinte who is trapped in a chain of slavery and brought to the United States. Apart from that, if you want to learn more about the history of the slave trade and maritime archeology, then you may visit Mel Fisher Maritime Museum.

Kunta, the eldest son of the honorable Kinte family was a trained Mandinka soldier and was prepared to be part of the royal cavalry. He is also educated, good at math, literature, geography and dreams of going to college and becoming a scientist. Love changes the fate of Kunta. He fell in love with a slave owned by the Koros family, enemies of the Mandinka family. After he passed the soldier’s test, he was betrayed by the Koros family and sold to slave traders.

At the age of 17, along with 140 other slaves, Kunta was sent by cargo ship to America in 1767. He endured terrible torture and once he arrived in Annapolis, Maryland, he was sold to a rich plantation owner, John Waller. He was named Toby by Waller’s wife. Fiddler, the musician on the plantation helped him survive in slavery.

Miniseri Roots first aired on the screen in 1977. The manuscript was adapted from Alex Haley’s novel which traced the history of his own family. The story records the 120-year history of the struggle of each generation in Africa to be free from slavery. At that time, Americans still did not really care about the details of slavery, so this story is considered to have changed the general perception of Americans about their history. Roots received 37 Emmy Award nominations and won 9 of them, and won the Golden Globe and Peabody Award.