Technology managed to change all aspects of life, not least for the affairs of romance. Evidently, approaching men in this era can be done without having face to face alias through internet intermediaries only. Well, one of the commonly used methods is through chat application in MocoSpace.

Not much different when you approach the actual (offline), the approach is done through chatting also be a determinant as what the continuation of your relationship with your crush. The sense of comfort that he gets will be the determinant whether he wants to know you more or not.

Well, for a chat during chatting it can flow smoothly, and then there are a number of ways you must understand so that the intensity of this chatting can open up opportunities for the growth of the seeds of love. What are those ways? Let’s get started!

Do not Write Words
When chatting with a crush, do not ever use words that are excessive. Remember, most men are anti with such a greeting technique. Just greet him with normal words, so your chat can flow and run in a comfortable corridor.

Do not Use Unpopular Abbreviations
Abbreviating words is common when chatting, but when using unpopular abbreviations when chatting with them will surely confuse them. Just because you’re used to using an abbreviation when you’re with your female gang does not mean that the abbreviations can be understood by all men. For that, use the popular abbreviation only. It does not have to be formal, as long as it is universal.

Do not Overly Dominate Chatting
How to approach men with next chats is to limit the flow of chats. Do not be a woman who controls the direction of the conversation. The woman is very famous in the real world with a chatty nature, so as much as possible do not show it in cyberspace. Give your crush a chance to lead the conversation. Sometimes as a woman, we will be out of control, but it would be nice if we know when to step on the brake pedal. Even if your crush shows high enthusiasm, but we never know what really happened there. This is the most difficult challenge when we approach the internet.