You could try dividing your articles into forums like Reddit or StumbleUpon. One of the advantages of forums is that you can find the right niche and reader for your website content. In the meantime, if you want to check out a highly-recommended SEO service, you can find out more here.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is a link from one website page to another page on the same website. Please note that for internal linking, just use the post link of your website whose content is still associated with the article that you will upload. Internal linking helps Google to browse your website pages. Internal linking also allows website visitors to find information related to what they read. This can increase the duration of users while browsing your website. Internal linking itself is one of the most important on-page SEO techniques as they will help search engine crawlers to browse the content and surf your website. Interlinking also helps improve the page authority and allows users to navigate the website more easily.


Guest-blogging is one way to increase website traffic. What is meant by guest-blogging is to write content for a website or blog that is already famous? This can help increase traffic to your blog or website and simultaneously build your brand. However, you should be careful and ensure that your guest-blogging content is qualified. In creating guest-blogging content, make sure that the content is creative and appropriate to the niche of the blog. Avoid link stuffing or insert many links at once into your articles to increase website traffic because you can be penalized.

In addition to guest-blogging, you can also write for other media such as newspapers or magazines related to the topic of your website or blog. Do not forget to mention your website and blog because writing for leading media opens the opportunity to reach more readers.