Natural stone is commonly used in elements of the house as decoration both from the interior or exterior of the house. However, in using it, you should consider some factors like the weather, the stone characteristic and the style of your home. Solid stone like slate is generally used for exterior and interior elements because this type of stone has physical properties that are strong, hard, and not easily broken and have high durability. This rock does also not absorb water because it does not porous. Because it does not absorb water, this particular type of stone does not easily get moss so slate signs for your house are the best choice for incorporating natural stone in the house. Because of this non-porous characteristic so there is no room for water and air to enter making the slate is the perfect stone to applied right to the exterior of the house as a house sign.

Slate is natural stones that are generally light gray, dark black, slightly brown, dark green and dark red which sometimes also appears brown. Because of the color it has, slate stones feature beautiful and elegant natural house sign. Apart from the beauty of color, slate natural stone is also the best because of the quality of its strength. Lately, natural stone has become the main choice in decorating the interior and exterior of the house with its strong characteristics and gives a natural impression it is very suitable with today latest fashion, where it is being campaigned, that is green or eco-living. Using a slate house sign also give an impression of nature and at the same time give the elegant and luxurious touch for your house. The durability will also mean it is not quickly damaged if installed on the outside wall because it could last in whatever condition or the temperature. And the most important is the size is flexible, can be adjusted to the needs of your house.