Sliding doors like bypass barn doors are an alternative type of door that you can apply at home. How to use it is simply shifted. After that, you are the one who directs, wants to shift the left or right. Sliding door has quite flexible properties. In a sense, this sliding door does not only function as a door, but can also be used as a window, wall, or partition. Its presence can also affect the appearance of space.

Well, space aesthetics will be further boosted by the sliding door or sliding window. In addition, the house will also look more elegant and luxurious. Only, of course, this must be supported by coloring, material, and suitable lighting.

 Sliding door has the same function as the door in general, namely as an entrance and exit. If it is used as a window, a sliding door is useful for “inviting” air to enter the room. That way, circulation in the house can always be maintained to support the freshness and health of residents.

 In line with the development of the world of architecture, this type of door now also has an aesthetic function. It can also be applied to save land, especially if your house is quite narrow. In Japan, many sliding doors or sliding windows are applied considering there are very high land prices.

Applying a sliding door is not solely relying on the impression of luxury, but also requires a large enough cost so that you can get maximum results. Therefore, to implement this sliding door in the house, the first thing that residents must consider is the cost factor.

There are several steps that need to be done by residents before applying the sliding door. First, provide holes for doors or windows. Strengthening the sliding door area needs to be considered. Give a practical block for reinforcement just above the door. This practical beam will be used to place the sliding door.