Decorating a small house can sometimes be difficult because space constraints make us have to think carefully so that the decoration does not make the house look cramped. We always have a solution for all interior problems. This time we will present some simple, economical, and functional tips so that your tiny dwelling will be more enchanting. You can also use the best digital wall clocks to decorate your house.

1. One room has many functions

Integrating two or three functions in one room makes small apartments look spacious. This kind of layout is called an open plan interior, and the rooms that are usually combined into one are the living room/living room, dining room, and kitchen.

2. Bright color

Apartments or small houses should prioritize bright colors as part of the decoration, especially on the color of the walls. This is because bright colors will reflect more light and make the room visually spacious.

3. Access natural light

Consider making large windows in a small room, as we mentioned before, natural light helps to expand your space visually.

4. Creative ways to separate the room

The wall of the room divider can make a small house look narrow. It’s better to use another method, which is to place different elements to define the function of a different room visually. For example by installing a floor with a different pattern to separate the living room and kitchen. Or it could also limit the two areas using a functional shelf.

5. Color composition

Create color settings that compose a balanced distribution of colors and contrasts, so that the unity of all elements in the interior of the open plan is maintained.

6. Hang the television

Flat screen television will not only save electricity usage but also help save space usage. Hang the television on the wall, so that the television table can be used for other purposes.