Types of diseases that attack the brain many kinds but have the same bad influence on the health of the head tissue, especially the brain. The brain is an important organ and must be protected from damage because in the brain there are blood vessels as the center of control of body movement. If the brain is in the damaged condition it will affect the quality of other body tissue functions that cause the emergence of health complaints. In the meantime, you can go to Nootropics Blog if you want to know more about brain supplements.

We’d like to share some of the types of diseases that attack the brain with you.

1. Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a disease that originated in the form of a decrease in one’s memory, intellectual loss in a degradation, difficulty to speak and unable to analyze an event that is going through.

2. Parkinson’s

Parkinson is initially characterized by a body that starts to wobble and unable to stand or walk normally, trembling body and hands keep moving, The condition is an indication that the brain has decreased dopamine as much as 80 percent more.

3. Meningitis

Brains that have severe inflammation due to irritation can cause protective membrane damage from the central nervous system or to the inner brain. Meningitis is a fine membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord that keeps the brain healthy. If the membrane is attacked by bacteria and viruses it will arise inflammation that causes the emergence of meningitis disease. Meningitis is a type of disease that attacks the brain most commonly affects humans.

4. Brain cancer

The existence of cells activity in the brain that experienced abnormal growth due to free radical attack where the cell becomes cancer cells that trigger brain cancer

5. Brain tumor

The tumor is a lump of soft meat that is benign but if it grows will produce a large size. Tumors that grow in brain tissue have the potential to cause blockage of blood vessels and if not immediately get a medical treatment then someone suffering from brain tumors that can turn into malignant.