Owning a song itself is a matter of pride for musicians, especially musicians who want to provide a piece of music in the form of songs that are touching music industry events, easy listening, and liked by the public, which ultimately they get the results of their works. Not only that, but they can also get answers to the question How to get into the music industry as many people want.

1. The earliest thing you have to do in making your own song is “Inspiration”. Look for the inspiration of your song first before you make your own song because it alone influences your song and makes it easier for you to make your own songs. Inspiration can be obtained through feelings, environment, events, circumstances, and others that can make you motivated and inspired to sing the inspiration that you have.

2. Make Song Lyrics
Making song lyrics is the next step you have to do. Song lyrics that are grooved and have a depth of powerful words are quality song lyrics. The inspiration that you have will guide you to make words in the lyrics of the song that you are going to make, arrange it so that the inspiration can be expressed with the lyrics of the song that you are making.

3. Determine the Song Structure
The next step is to structure the song. The song structure will coexist with making song lyrics because while you are making song lyrics automatically you will also determine the song structure.

4. Determine the Basic Tone / Key
Determining the basic chord is the next step, the chord and the chord are the benchmark range (region) of the tones that can be reached. The basic key is determined by how high the vocal tone that can be achieved by the singer who sings your song.

5. Make a Song Tone (Beginning – End)
The next step is to determine the tone or song of each song structure that you have created by developing the basic key that you have set.

6. Try Singing Your Song in Fully
The final step in making a song is to try to sing it from beginning to end so that the combination of song structure, musicality, song lyrics that you make can be corrected and felt.

7. Correct and Add Variations to Beautify Your Song
If it feels good, correct your song again by the way you sing it in front of your friends and then tell them to comment about your song, from that you can correct your song from listeners or listeners to your songs. And don’t forget to give variations to your songs to make them more beautiful and your song listeners can enter and drift into your song stories. Creativity in variation is necessary and doesn’t make too many and complicated variations. Give variations that are simple and easy for the listener to remember.