Stainless steel bottles made of the thermos, apparently have a special care for hot water or cold water contained in it is maintained. Although looks simple, but the use of arbitrarily will make the flask does not last long and the water temperature contained in it will be easily changed. In the meantime, you may also want to check out the best thermos for hot food.

How do I get hot or cold water in a thermos to stay awake at a certain temperature and not easy to change? Here are tips to note the user.


Wash with warm water

Washing the thermos must be the correct way ie cleaned with warm water and washed clean using a sponge with antibacterial dish soap. Cleaned with warm water is better.

Do not leave in the sink for too long

After the thermos is used for hot beverage containers such as coffee and tea then the thermos should be washed immediately, but do not be left long in the sink with dirty conditions.

It is feared that the smell of coffee or tea will leave a scar on a thermos that is left too long in new conditions used. It is recommended to wash it do not wait long, must be immediately washed so the smell does not stick, shaken with warm water or by using baking soda.

Do not heat it with a microwave

Reheating drinks in a thermos by putting them in a microwave or oven is a mistake to avoid. In addition to the thermos will be hot when taken from a microwave or oven, the flask will not be appropriate on its usefulness that is to keep the water hot or cold.

Fill by line

Inserting hot water into a thermos is recommended not to exceed the dividing line on the bottleneck. Because when the flask cap is installed, water-filled through the bottleneck will spill over or spill when stored in a bag or other storage area. It is recommended to give a little cavity and not to exceed the dividing line on the bottleneck.