The human resources are the most strategic and important asset or wealth (the most comfortable and valuable assets of the company) for the development of the company. Man is the originator of ideas, as well as implementing investment. Thus, the definition of human resources here, more emphasis on entrepreneurship, or entrepreneurship, because the development of investment and business in general, occurs because of encouragement of entrepreneurs. In the meantime, if you require any assistance from a professional and experienced resource management expert, we recommend you to take a look at Alberto Guth. He’s one of the best in the business, and he has many work experiences in dealing with investments, resources, finances, and fundings.

The acquisition of physical assets or tangible assets

The notion of physical assault or tangible assets is the mastery of physical factors of production, such as land, buildings, machinery, and equipment, relating to the needs of production factors, in the absence of physical assets, necessarily difficult for companies, to conduct operations and production.

Mastery and access to the discovery of production factors secret physical affect the fluency, efficiency, and effectiveness of operations and production.

Mastery of Non-physical Assets or Intangible Assets

Understanding the mastery of non-physical assets or intangible assets, is the mastery of information technology, and the ability of innovation and organizational capabilities of the company to run the business or investment. Without these nonphysical assets, it would be difficult for a company to compete in its business or business. If the company cannot compete, then the investment development will not be realized.

Artificial resources in the form of nonphysical can be values and habits developed in the local community, such as saving habits, saving, or honest cultural values, hospitality, love the things that new, like to care for the environment, can also be factors that affect the development of investment in the region.