Taking into account the intake of balanced nutrition is an important part to maintain the health of the elderly (elderly). It not only helps the elderly to control weight and get the nutrients they need, a healthy diet will also reduce the risk of various complications of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. If you need help taking care of parents or elderly, you can visit home care in Boca Raton. We will help you, so the elderly will have no trouble doing something like bathing and eating. So how to manage the diet of the elderly?

1. Focus on a balanced nutritional intake
The most important rule of the elderly diet is to meet the nutritional and nutritional needs. Eating nutrient-rich foods and nutrients will help the elderly get the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats they need. Healthy foods for the elderly are recommended:

– Food sources of carbohydrates, such as oatmeal (oatmeal), wheat bread, brown rice, and mashed rice.
– Food sources of protein, such as low-fat milk, fish, tempeh, and tofu.
– Food sources of healthy fats, such as beans (peanuts/peanut butter), soybean oil, and corn oil.
– Vegetables are green or orange such as spinach, kale, carrots, broccoli, squash, squash, and tomatoes.
– Fresh fruits such as papaya, banana, orange, apple, watermelon, and so forth.
– As much as possible choose fresh foods and avoid any kind of processed foods that use preservatives.

2. Set the portion of the meal
One cause of the drastic weight gain in the elderly is because they do not control the portion of the meal. That’s why it’s important for the elderly to pay attention to the daily portion of the meal. Eating portions of the elderly should be arranged evenly in one day so they eat more often with small portions. It is recommended for the elderly to eat big three times with a meal twice a day. When the elderly have difficulty chewing food because tooth that works less well, then the food should be soft or chopped first. Taking the elderly to eat together at one table will increase their appetite.