A car tire is one of the most important parts of the car but rarely checked and changed because usually, the driver of the car will not change the tire if it hasn’t been damaged for sure. What we need to know, tire replacement that available at https://www.gilsonpneus.com.br/ must not only be done if the tire has been damaged. One of the signs that the tire needs replacement is when the surface of the tire is getting thinner. Car tire change must be done if the surface is getting thinner. Conditions like this you can know easily without having to check the tire to repair shop. You just have to check the tread wear indicator (TWI) available on each tire unit. What is TWI? TWI is a reasonable indicator of wear and tear on a tire that is listed on its surface. Some manufacturers write the indicator in the form of the words “TWI” and some use special symbols such as triangles or squares. Well, if the tire surface is equal to the TWI indicator position, it’s time to change the tire.

Another sign you need to change the car tire is when you found a lump on the surface of the tire. This condition could occur because of the habit of speeding off on bumpy roads or potholes. Habits like that can make a car tire damaged or develop a lump. The condition of this lump is caused by the breakage of the wire entwined inside the tire. Tires that continue to be left like this have the potential to break and endanger you as a rider. Therefore, if this happens immediately replace your car tires.

Now the hot air that certainly affected the quality of our car tires. Car tires that are left exposed to sunlight continuously will cause cracks on the surface of the car. Have you ever experienced a flat tire when you’ve been taken to the garage many times? Well, this is one of the signs that your tires must be replaced. Moreover, very often nails or sharp materials are falling on the road. If your tires have often been deflated many times, you better immediately change the tire.