Say it with flowers, that’s the phrase we often hear to express something to someone. Flowers can represent our feelings towards someone we love and make them feel meaningful in our lives. Is it the right time to get floristerias medellin information?

For some time, people group flowers according to their meanings. Different colors of flowers, also different meanings of flowers stored in it. In addition, the amount of interest also has its own meaning to convey a message to the person who receives the interest.

We can also use interest and help us as representatives to express feelings that cannot be conveyed through words. For those of you who want to express their feelings through flowers but don’t know what kind of flowers to give, here are the types of flowers and their colors and numbers that can represent our feelings.


Orchid has a very specific and deep meaning. Orchid flower arrangements are usually given to people who are respected, loved and respected. That might be because the price of Orchid flowers is more expensive so people give Orchid flowers to VIP people. On Valentine’s Day, you can give Orchid flowers to Mama or the teacher you are most respectful of. Well, if you get a series of Golden Shower Orchid from your lover, it is certain that he praises you as a smart and beautiful person. If you get a purple orchid flower, you have to question his love. In general, orchid flowers symbolize love, beauty, beauty, wisdom, attention, improvement, Chinese symbols for many children.


The meaning of Rose flowers is very much. In general, Rose, flowers are used to express someone’s love for his lover. If you get a red rose from your guy on Valentine’s Day, that’s a sign that he really loves you. If he gives you a yellow Rose, beware. He loves you but there are other women who love him more. Worse yet, if he gives you a series of white roses, that’s a sign your boyfriend really wants to leave you.