Ayahuasca will not cure all your illnesses or solve all your problems. What you will do is ayahuasca show you, how things like ego, fear, and stress make you sick or unhappy, prove to you at a very deep level how real the relationship between body and mind is. If you live in Canada and want to try out how ayahuasca works for you, then find out information about AYAHUASCA LEGALITY IN CANADA.

Be careful with the hope of miraculous healing and/or have spiritual enlightenment that gives clarity and direction for the rest of one’s life. While these results sometimes occur, hoping for that will happen, making them less likely to actually occur because there may be resistance or disappointment with what actually happened.

Well, it’s good to think of ayahuasca as a diagnostic tool or even prophecy, not a panacea. You will have the opportunity to heal yourself by applying what you have learned during your ayahuasca experience after completion. This is something more extraordinary than a magic bullet and the opposite of a passive Western medicine model where you only take pills and wait for their influence.

Ayahuasca is an active drug, meaning you have to participate fully in the healing process, making real changes in your life based on what you learn in the ceremony. Ayahuasca, used as a tool. Besides the commitment to spiritual growth, it has helped me change my life in many ways. Where there has been frustration and despair, there is now a sense of gratitude and the strong belief in a bright future for humanity. My view of reality has been permanently changed, and therein lies the deep healing.

Ayahuasca is the correct remedy for difficult times, a powerful gift directly from the heart of Mother Earth to help us realize current change, exactly when needed. Its existence is so evident that nature actually has our backs, moreover, that the entire cosmos conspires with us when we evolve into one.