Lack of HGH in adults: hair will be thinning, brittle, eyelid down, lips smaller, face to “fall” down, gums puckered. Your face will have wrinkles. The skin will dry, dehydrate, shoulder and butt muscles shrink, really like a soft body with hanging weak muscles and fragile bones. The body fat buildup will increase. Mental thoughts become negative: suspicion, irritability, anxiety, depression, lack of self-confidence and drowsiness continues. Emotions are difficult to control. Apart from that, you may go to if you want to check out the recommended HGH supplements.

What are the benefits of HGH on anti-aging?

Benefits of HGH include: increase vitality and energy, improve fat content/composition, increase muscle mass, thicken skin, improve sleep, increase bone growth and increase longevity. Research Dr. Daniel Rudman et al in 1990 reported that HGH reverses the aging process on humanity. Dr.’s Experiment David Khansari and Dr. Thomas Gustad, from North Dakota, found that mice treated with HGH were longer than non-HGH. The study of Van der Lely (2000) found that 6 weeks of HGH treatment significantly increased the fracture (fracture) bone recovery in patients aged 75 and older.

Is there any other role of HGH besides as anti-aging?

Long before being used as an anti-aging, HGH is beneficial for short children as a height enhancer with excellent results. Currently, HGH is also very beneficial for people with AIDS because it increases endurance by stimulating the production of T-cells.

What are the symptoms of HGH deficiency?

In children, shortage of HGH will cause growth disorders, short height. In adults, HGH deficiency will increase cardiovascular risk, increased fat, decreased bone density, decreased renal function, arthritis, diabetes, hair loss, and fatigue.

Therefore, you may want to try the natural ways for improving your HGH level in your body by doing various activities like fasting. On the other hand, there are plenty of high-quality supplements that contain HGH that you may want to try as well.