Crossbow is one of the weapons that still exist and used from the prehistoric era to nowadays. However, the biggest disadvantage of using a crossbow is the slow refill of arrows. Longbow in one minute can shoot 10 arrows while a crossbow will require 1 full minute to fill and shoot one arrow (bolt). Refilling the arrow takes more time according to the amount of energy needed to make the weapon more deadly. Then this weapon has “rack-and-pinion cranequin cranking” which allows troops in the middle ages to utilize the basic principles of physics by operating the hand power lever to pull the strings into place. Other features use belts, hinges, levers and a cord-and-pulley system known as “windlasses”. Crossbowman in the middle ages can be used in defensive or attacking roles. Crossbowman lines can be used as front line shooters, backward to fill arrows then return to the front line to fire arrows. With this mode continuous, the accuracy of enemy shooting can be achieved.The accuracy of a crossbow in the present heavily relied on the string so it is best to know when the best time for replacement crossbow strings.

Good and high-quality crossbow strings could last 3-5 years or around 700 shots. However, how long a crossbow string last depends on how often you use it. For a beginner that needs a lot of practice to master the shooting a typical string that could last 3 or more years will be reduced to half and will only last for a year or a little bit more. So, how often you use it is also a factor to consider to the best time to replace your crossbow strings. The string that comes from a factory with your crossbow is also not the best quality so it is possible will need to be replaced quicker.