When should the child be taken to the dentist for the first time? It is better to take the child to Dr Sherry Powell when the first teeth start to appear. Prospective teeth have started to grow in the gums since he was still not born. However, the first teeth are only seen at the age of 6 months. In some children, teeth can appear earlier, namely 4 months of age or even late. If until the age of 1 year there are no teeth visible, still take the child to the dentist to have it examined. When this first tooth appears, the child’s dental care must begin immediately.

Before the first teeth appear, clean the gums once or twice a day. The trick is to use a clean baby cloth, wrap it around the index finger and rub it against the gums. Cleaning the gums will prevent bacteria from accumulating there. Then after the first teeth appear, start cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush. Although baby teeth will be removed and replaced by permanent teeth, baby teeth play a role in the development of the face and mouth. Good chewing habits affect how to eat well, and dental health affects overall body health. For this reason, children’s dental care is needed from the start.

Caries is tooth decay that occurs due to sugar sticking to teeth, which will then form acids that destroy tooth enamel. To prevent caries, avoid the accumulation of sugar on the teeth. Milk contains sugar, as well as sweets and other sweet foods. For children who still need to sleep while sucking a bottle of milk, you should replace milk with water during sleep. And also don’t dip a pacifier into honey or sugar water and use it while sleeping. Slowly, sleeping habits accompanied by pacifiers and milk bottles should be reduced, so that children are accustomed to sleeping without such assistance. Children’s daily dental care must be accompanied by regular dental check-ups. Pay attention to whether brown or black plaque appears on the child’s teeth, and take the child to the dentist if you find this. If there are no dental problems, take your child to the dentist at least once a year for routine checks.