If you get ready to get advantages of pattaya golf, then you will have the reason to read this article. Playing golf can indeed be one of the routines on the sidelines of your busy life. Not a few people think that this game is difficult to do. Mastery of technique and perseverance to practice seriously becomes the basic point of a golfer can succeed to win in each match. To be able to put the ball into the target hole, it certainly can’t be done just like that. It takes a play technique that you must learn until you become a reliable golfer. For that, here’s how to drive golf right for you to do.

Adjust Base Position

Before making a punch or what is often called driving golf, a player must place the basic position correctly. For the basic position of playing golf, yourself is to place the position of the foot slightly closer to the position of the ball. You can open your feet a little wider than your shoulder size.

Know How to Hold the Right Grip Stick

How to hold the stick grip cannot be done originally. Setting the right position of the hand and fingers will make the grip punch more balanced and can reach the target more precisely. For how to hold the grip stick yourself, depending on which side you want to hold the stick more comfortably.

Swing the Stick Grip with the Backswing and Downswing Techniques

The backswing technique is a movement in the game of golf where the stick grip will be swung until its position is above the head. As for the downswing, a technique is a movement in the game of golf where the stick grip will be swung until its position is to touch the ball. In driving golf, these two techniques must be completely mastered by golfer so that the reflection of the ball is balanced until it reaches the specified target.

Focus on the direction of the punch

When going to swing with the backswing and downswing technique, the focus of the view should not be interrupted. In general, the best punch will be able to be produced with the right ball punch technique and directional views that always focus on the direction of the ball to be carried out.