humans need to eat and sleep, then sports activities are also included from the important human needs. Exercising the body is not only beneficial to maintain physical health alone, even exercise can provide a positive impact on the psychological and mental health of a person. Where people who exercise themselves will be aroused to feel a happy and happy soul. That way, exercise becomes a very important part of everyday activities, We must really understand the importance of a healthy body from doing sports. Meanwhile, you may want to check out SARMS reviews online.

Ideally, exercise is done to maintain a healthy body. However, excessive exercise can actually cause health problems. Here are the health issues that arise from excessive exercise:

1. Harm the knee

A new study says that high levels of physical activity and low, both can accelerate damage to knee cartilage in middle-aged adults. According to the results of the study, people who frequently participate in sports such as running with high intensity, cartilage more degenerate and higher risk of development of osteoarthritis. Researchers recommend moderate exercise or moderate intensity.

2. Blood Clots

Misinterpretation if exercising in high intensity will be more effective in burning fat is still common. Though excessive exercise can bring a number of problems, one of which blood clots which can threaten a person’s life. Blood clots or Deep Vein Thrombosis can clog the arteries and cause death.

The main danger of a blood clot is if some of the clots come off and come in the bloodstream, then clog the blood vessels. And if the clot is caught in the lung it results in a pulmonary embolism. Meanwhile, if carried and lodged in the brain, can trigger a stroke.

DVT cases are increasingly common and most people experience weight lifting. Therefore, exercise gradually and according to the ability of the body.

3. Cause Anorexia

A recent study of the International Journal of Eating Disorder was found, of 336 anorexic women, more than half of them due to excessive exercise. Though reports from cardiology review noted, that anorexia and bulimia cause the most death. The researchers define excessive exercise is if practicing every day more than three hours, obsessive with physical activity that can interfere with other aspects, or keep exercising despite being injured or sick.