When you want to do the routine of leaving for work in the morning, try to turn on the car engine. it turns out when the starter doesn’t turn on, it must be annoying, especially if there is an emergency situation, it could be even worse. Usually, this situation is closely related to the condition of the vehicle battery that starts to have problems. Do you let Automechanick knows gives you the advice on how to choose the best car battery for your vehicle?

Characteristics that can be a warning of your car battery need to be replaced, first, when the vehicle is difficult to start. Usually, only once or twice the engine starter is already on, but this time it can be up to three times or later it can turn on. If you already feel that, immediately check the battery condition or even make a change. Then, another sign of the battery will be damaged, including the lights of the car is not as bright as usual and the horn is no longer as loud as it should be. You may have chosen the sign to ignore and not replace the battery, but in the end, the car cannot be started.

Well, when the signs appear, it’s good to remember how long before the battery is not replaced, if indeed it has been more than 10 months, it could be difficult to turn on the vehicle because of the battery. If the battery has just been used, damage may be to other components. So from that make sure the indicator contained in the battery to make sure. If the indicator looks red then the battery is indeed damaged, the white color of the battery signal needs a charge, while the blue color indicates the battery is in top condition. The last one first checks the indicators contained in the battery, so it doesn’t waste the cost of buying a new battery, even though it has just been used. Or if it is difficult, just bring the vehicle to the garage so that damage can be detected.