Having a diamond jewelery feels like it can’t be felt by all women, but when you have the chance to have it, make sure you keep it right. Taking care of diamond jewelry is not difficult. Said a gemstone expert in Southeast Asia, caring for diamond jewelry is not difficult because this stone has strong natural properties. However, still, diamond jewelry like the diamond rings must be cleaned regularly and stored in the right way.


Make sure the jewelry with this diamond is always clean, especially when it will be stored. Diamonds naturally have oil and dust binding properties, so after use, diamond jewelry must be cleaned first. The trick is simple, flush with warm water and give a little soap, brush using a soft bristled toothbrush so that every gap in the jewelry is clean. After cleaning, rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.

Save in your own box

If you have diamond jewelry, don’t ever mix this jewelry with other jewelry including gold and diamonds too. If it is stored in the same container it is feared that it can scratch each other. Diamonds can not only scratch other diamonds but can also scratch gold. Diamonds are harder than gold, so gold can continue to be scratched and blisters. If the scratches are very large, it will make gold look dull or blurry and no longer shiny.

Don’t wear jewelry while working at home or swimming

Diamonds are usually juxtaposed with gold as a binder. The thing you have to remember when wearing gold jewelry with diamonds is never to wear it while doing housework or swimming. Why? Because a lot of cleaning fluid containing chlorine, as well as in pool water. In large quantities, chlorine will make gold soft. The thing to worry about is that when gold softens, the link will gape and make diamonds disappear because of gold jewelry.